Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The beginning!

Round 2 of Blogging!

I must admit I got a little bored of blogging about Makeup, Hair products, and other superficial things, so why not have another go and blog about something else I love - Baking and cooking!

I've ran a small but successful cake business from home now for the past 2 years and I thought a lovely little blog accompanied with recipes and pictures would be a great addition.

Mostly I'm sure it will be baking related recipes and perhaps maybe even some tutorials to help other people at home bake, but I'd also love to include some savoury dishes too!

At 21 I've spent the past couple of years getting my head around cooking and I spent many an hour scouring the internet for easy to follow no nonsense recipes. Hopefully I'll be able to put all I've learned and some on little part of the internet!

Happy Baking!

H xo

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